Interfaith Allies at California Lutheran University  is a liaison of the national organization Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC). The Interfaith Allies is a team dedicated in its passion to spread interfaith cooperation and religious pluralism at CLU..We are a team of individuals of  various  religious or nonreligious beliefs working together for the common good without hesitation. We are all Allies representing different pockets of this campus while holding on to our individual identities. There is no push to de-convert anyone of their faith or non faith or convert people to an interfaith religion. Instead, each individual’s own philosophies and beliefs are called upon, utilized, and praised for their own merits.  Interfaith Allies offers an interfaith perspective of looking at the world and using it as a mode to achieving community through three key elements: Voice, Engage, Act. We challenge this campus and CLU students to Voice their identities and their deepest values, whether these values are faith or nonfaith based. We then want members of this campus to reach across lines of difference and Engage with one another (whether it be faith vs nonfaith, religious vs non-religious, campus vs. surrounding community) After building strong relationships we need to Act together in service for the greater good of our Community and Humanity as a whole. The underlying goal for the group is to better the community of which they call home while also having vastly different ways of viewing the world. Belief is not brushed aside in favor of peaceful ignorance, but it is instead look upon as a novel experience to share. Its goal is to break down barriers of religious division by encouraging open dialogue about your faith/nonfaith and deepest values.


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