2012-2013 Campaign

Our journey began by enrolling the Interfaith Youth Core 2012-2013 Better Together Campaign, where we engaged in a massive campaign for sustainable living. After sending two group (including faculty, staff, and students) to IFYC’s Interfaith Leadership Institutes in 2012, the Interfaith Allies planned, coordinated, partnered with events throughout the 2012-2013 school year including a Relay for Life Interfaith Hour, Not for Sale event Speedfaithing, monthly Come Together Now Dinners, and Better Together Day. We launched a Drink Better Together Campaign in conjunction with the Community Service Center during Green Week, that focused on water consumption on campus, while also starting a conversation about water consumption throughout the world.

Each event had three main rules, especially because we emphasized helping others articulate their Voice: Be Real, Go Deep, Repeat. Thanks to the grassroots Better Together campaign and the resources provided by IFYC and the generosity of the the Vesper Society we have cultivated a multilateral campus climate change with emphasis on ally-building, articulation of Voice, engagement and incorporation with existing programming, and ultimately community serivce. Due to our interfaith initiative at CLU, Interfaith Youth Core awarded Interfaith Allies Best Overall Campaign.

This year we are motivated to continue our work with consumption and sustainability for the 2013-2014 Better Together Campaign by hosting Interfaith events and collaborating with already existing events, clubs, organizations on campus as vehicles to help start and foster an interfaith conversation on an already religiously diverse campus. We have Allies within the Muslim Student Association, Lord of Life, Secular Student Alliance, Campus Ministry,  Center for Equality and Justice, Community Service Center, Feminism is.., the Hillel Club, and the Religion Department Faculty and DA’s to add an interfaith conversation.


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